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National Champions - All American Status Minimize

Elishia Deleon, YW, Discus, 2006
Johnny Carter, IB, TJ, 2009
Daniel Richardson, SMB, Discus, 2009
Johnny Carter, YM, TJ, 2010
Daniel Richardson, MB, Discus, 2010*
Johnny Carter, YM, TJ, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Pentathlon, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Javelin, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Discus, 2011
Johnny Carter, YM, Triple Jump, 2012
Johnny Carter, YM, Long Jump, 2012*
Daniel Richardson, YB, Discus, 2012


*National Record Holder

National Medalists - All American Status Minimize

The Following athletes placed in the top 8 in their respective events at the National Junior Olympics.
Elishia Deleon, YW, Discus, 2006
Desirae Gonder, YW, HJ, 2006
Johnny Carter, YB, TJ, 2007
Emily Richardson, SMG, Pentathlon, 2007
Johnny Carter, IB, TJ, 2008
Asia Chesley, MG, HJ, 2008
Asia Chesely, MG, LJ, 2008
Johnny Carter, IB, TJ, 2009
Johnny Carter, IB, LJ, 2009
Asia Chesley, SYG, TJ, 2009
Asia Chesley, SYG, HJ, 2009
Daniel Richardson, SMB, Discus, 2009
Daniel Richardson, SMB, Shot Put, 2009
Daniel Richardson, SMB, Pentathlon, 2009
Johnny Carter, YM, TJ, 2010
Johnny Carter, YM, LJ, 2010
Asia Chesley, YG, LJ, 2010
Asia Chesley, YG, HJ, 2010
Daniel Richardson, MB, HJ 2010
Daniel Richardson, MB, Discus, 2010
Daniel Richardson, MB, Shot Put, 2010
Daniel Richardson, MB, Pentathlon, 2010
Johnny Carter, YM, TJ, 2011
Jacob Barger, IB, 1500m, 2011
Asia Chesley, IG, HJ, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Pentathlon, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Javelin, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Shot Put, 2011
Daniel Richardson, SYB, Discus, 2011
Johnny Carter, YM, Triple Jump, 2012
Johnny Carter, YM, Long Jump, 2012
Daniel Richardson, YB, Shot Put, 2012
Daniel Richardson, YB, Pentathlon, 2012
Daniel Richardson, YB, Discus, 2012
Bryce Huggins, YM, Long Jump, 2014
Daniel Richardson, IB, Discus, 2014
Daniel Richardson, IB, Javelin, 2014
Daniel Richardson, IB, Decathlon, 2014

2014 Track & Field Season Minimize

Highlights of our atheletes will be posted here. 

2014 USATF "Win with Integrity" Minimize

USA Track & Field is dedicated to preserving the well being of the sport, the integrity of competition, and ensuring the health of its young athletes.  As such, it has created the Win With Integrity and Win With Integrity-Clean Kids programs.

USATF's Win With Integrity Clean Kids Program provides youth athletes with educational background and motivation to ensure the next generation of track stars are clean and drug free.  Additionally, the program includes in-competition drug testing of athletes at USATF events throughout the year.


USA Track & Field has implemented a criminal background screening program on coaches and volunteers of youth clubs.


2012 AAU "Positive Coaching Certification" Minimize

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Registration is Closing on May 31st! Minimize

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Summer Track Season registration will be closing on May 31st.

We have an informational meeting this Friday at 6:30pm. The location of the meeting is 13915 Table Rock Ave, Bakersfield, CA. If you are interested, please RSVP to

he Bakersfield Roadrunners and Team RAW Track Club have merged to form Athletes in Motion. We practice at CSUB.

Here is the best process for new athletes. The sooner you can complete the steps will ensure a place on the team. We are expecting a large influx of athletes this year.

1. Follow this link to register and become a part of our athlete database:

2. We are order uniforms each Friday (we order every Friday. Keep in mind it can take up to SIX weeks to get the uniform back to us) The uniform cost is $70. A deposit of $35 is required.

3. To fully register, we would need a copy of your child's birth certificate and the Summer Registration fee of $225.

4. For all athletes, the first practice will be Monday, June 6th. All fees must be paid before you are allowed on the field. USATF memberships (included in your registration fees) covers insurance for practicing athletes.

5. We will have coaches for all track and field events.

6. Your registration fees also pays for 4 track meets (USATF Association, USATF Regional, and two other meet TBD).

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Team RAW Track Club is merging with The Roadrunner Club to become.....drum roll please...




Since our inception, Team RAW Track Club has been outstanding in specializing in training some of the best track and field athletes in the Country with athletes earning a total of 12 National titles and 38 National Medalists, including 2 Junior Olympic records!. 

By merging with the Roadrunner's, we gain more staff and expertise in many more events.  We will be able to provide the true diversity of training in most run, jump, and throw events that will truly make us a more complete track club.

Track, at its purest form, is the foundation for most all sports.  All athletes benefit from improving their foundation and strength in movements and motion whether it be running, jumping, or throwing.  Therefore, we see Athletes In Motion as the foundation for all that a person may want to accomplish in any given sport in which they compete, 365 days of the year.

Our club fee structure has changed to allow for some flexibility. We will also have new uniforms this year. We are working with our uniform partner, GTN, to create an online store for you to purchase your new uniforms. More details will follow soon.


2016 Open Registration Minimize

The 2016 Club registration is now open for both returning and new club members. We have a new club fee structure which allows for more flexibility than before.

To secure a spot on this year's team, please have all registration materials and fees submitted by May 31st.  Priority registration is given to returning athletes. To provide quality training to all registered athlete's, we may need to limit the number of athletes' on this year's team. 

New Athletes: If you were a member of any club during the 2015 season, an official club release form must accompany your registration forms and fee payment.

We will have new uniforms this year. Each athlete will be purchasing their own competition uniform. More news to follow soon.

Be a Champion! Minimize

Going to track practice each day isn't always fun. The workouts can be grueling and sometimes we aren't always at our best. But it's the practice field where we hone our skills, that's why we call it practice. You can't expect to step on the track or field and perform at peak levels expecting PR's to just occur. It simply doesn't happen.

The old saying "how you practice is how you will perform" should be your mantra everyday you step out to the practice field. Give it your all, because simply put, "how you perform is an extension of how your practice" Be a Champion - Coach John

2016 Nutrition Tip for Sports Meals Minimize

So you ask yourself "What shoudl I eat the day before a track & field meet"? Well, if you want to muscles to perform at their highest levels, then you really have to prepare a few days in advance of the meet. Glycogen is a form of sugar stored in teh muscle and the liver. Glycogen is the mainsource of energy in high intensity sports. The most important consideration in a pre-event meal is to eat enough carbohydrates to refill the muscle and liver stores.

Read the following articles on pre-event meals to understand the "do's and don'ts" of eating meals before a competition.

Eating Before and Between Athletic Events
What Should I Eat Before a Track Event

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